Vision and Values

St Erth School

‘Caring, Sharing, Preparing for life.’

At St Erth School we believe that all children are unique individuals with a right to a safe and happy learning experience. We are driven by our belief that children are most likely to be happy and hence successful if they are given care, support, and challenge in equal measure. Our team is united and dedicated in pursuing the best outcomes for all children at St Erth School. By 'best outcomes' we mean children leave us as confident, self-aware and aspirational learners, ready for the next stage in their education.

We aim to provide children with a well-rounded and ambitious curriculum. High academic standards and expectations run alongside creativity, inspiration and imagination. Through the school’s metacognitive learning approach of, ‘Ready, Reflect, Review,’ children challenge themselves; demonstrate excellence; care for themselves and their community and have fun.

To help us achieve this our pupils have been involved in helping us to develop our core values which guide our approach to learning and life. Our school badge was created by our pupils with the brief that it had to represent our community, its history, its future and our values and we are very proud of it. It represents the following values, which guide us in our relationships and culture throughout the school:

Kindness - To each other, to ourselves, to nature and our communities.

Knowledge - Knowledge we develop through our curriculum subjects and knowledge of ourselves

Reading - Always reading – we love it!

Respect - For each other, to ourselves, to nature and our communities.

Resilience - Overcoming setbacks and embracing failure, staying steady and focused.

Perseverance - Staying focused when things are tricky, knowing it will lead to reward.

Nurture and relationship - Providing each other and ourselves with the care, truthfulness and thoughtfulness we need to be successful.

Aspiration - Developing the confidence to set aspirational goals that we have the skills and knowledge to reach.