School Productions

Despite not having our own hall, the school has always undertaken school plays to which parents and the wider community have been invited.  These have mostly taken place at the end of the Autumn Term, where the traditional Christmas message has been incorporated into a wider, musical story allowing all the children to participate.  Without fail, they have been highly regarded. 
These Christmas plays have taken place in both the village Church and the Chapel hall but in recent years we have started to give two productions; the Infants continue to use the village facilities for a performance at Christmas whilst the older children have done an end of year production, utilising the larger halls at both local secondary schools.   Although the cast is made up of our Year 5 and 6 pupils, the whole school plays a part in the production, as Years 3 and 4 sing in the choir and the younger pupils form a very enthusiastic audience for our dress rehearsals.  It really is a whole school event involving the entire school community as a host of people are involved in supporting the children and helping them to put on a very professional show. 
Sadly, due to the Coronavirus, we have been unable to hold performances recently but we're looking forward to starting again as soon as we can.  Take a look at our previous shows: