PREVENT Information for Parents


PREVENT Information for Parents


The Prevent Duty involves working positively to protect young people from radicalisation.

You may have heard about the Prevent Duty, which aims to prevent young people from being radicalised by, for example, far-right extremists or religious extremists.

In school, we have a duty to care for the children and take note of any child who is at risk of radicalisation, regardless of their background. We also must take steps to help prevent children from being exposed to extremist ideas. Our overriding concern is that children feel safe and also express tolerance towards all cultures and religions, even when personal views may be different. Please read the booklet below for more information.

Our School Single point of contact is: Bill Coleman 

A leaflet for parents explaining the Prevent duty can be found here.

To visit the Trust's website and view the Government's Revised Prevent Duty Guidance: for England and Wales, together with their parental guide to Extremism and Radicalisation, please click here.