Treen Class

To Infinity and Beyond!

This half term we will be learning about the history of space, astronauts and the planets. I have attached a few links to introduce the topic. Can you record some fascinating facts you have learnt. Remember you can draw & label, write, video or voice record. I'm looking forward to hearing all about them.

Reception children can you take a teddy or your favourite toy out on a winters walk and tell me where you went and what you saw. You can either draw me a picture, video or voice recording. Have fun!
Everyday this week I would like you to practise counting forwards and backwards and write numbers to 20 in numerals and words. If you have mastered counting forwards and backwards to 20, challenge yourself to do it up to 30. Also practise counting in 2's, 5's & 10's
Don't forget to spend sometime on Doodle Maths to help consolidate previous learning.