Quality Mark Award


Dear Niki,

I am writing to congratulate you formally on achieving the Achievement for All Quality Mark. Thank you for the warm welcome you and your team gave to Cathryn and me on the visit on Tuesday.

It was a delight, and privilege, to be able to meet you and to see the wonderful educational experiences you are creating in St Erth. From the time we were able to spend together, and from the detailed information that you had gathered together, it is clear that you are making a huge impact on the lives, experiences and life chances of the young people, and their families, in your care. The school is a hive of activity, and one in which the whole community clearly takes pride. The caring ethos which abounds, provides that safe and secure environment in which children are able to learn, be challenged and are encouraged to shine be it academically or socially.

What stood out for me was the way in which every nook and cranny was being utilised to support pupils in their learning in a stimulating way. From the Reception class at one end of the building to the THRIVE area upstairs to the Forest School outside, you are giving children a richness of environments that support their learning and the different ways in which they learn. The development of the personalised learning ladders is enabling the teachers and children to have focused conversations as to what has been achieved, and what needs to be done next. That engenders a sense of pride that encourages the children to take on a new challenge, and that reflects the high quality relationships that exist between all staff and the children.

It was clear by talking with a parent and your Chair of Governors just how much your leadership and believing in people is having a positive impact on people’s lives. By breaking down potential barriers to learning through positive communications at all stages, using imaginative ways to engage and encourage parents to be part of their child’s learning, you and your team are providing a holistic approach to enable children to achieve academically, socially and emotionally. It was particularly pleasing to hear from a mother that through the structured conversation, together you were able to provide strategies and share ideas of how best to meet her son’s needs and that as a result his anxieties had been removed and that now he is a happier and more confident individual. In her words, ‘It had turned his life around.’

Your children painted a vivid picture of how much being part of the Achievement for All programme had improved their learning. They talked positively about how their teacher would give them time and the confidence to ‘have a go at things,’ how being able to access creative activities after school had enabled them to make new friends and how in particular the use of Forest Schools had improved their behaviour. It was also clear form the visit, just how much they liked challenges and competitions such as Readathons and the Ten Million Minute Reading challenge to improve their reading.

There is much that you are doing that is having a positive impact on your children and their families. From what you told me, and what I could see, I hope you agree that by engaging with Achievement for All, and particularly by working with Cathryn as your coach, there have been tremendous benefits to you, your staff, your parents and most importantly your pupils. I hope that we will be able to continue this working relationship and look forward to being able to celebrate becoming a Quality Lead school in the not so distant future.

Once again many thanks for your time, and if there is anything we can do to help then please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

Good luck and very best wishes for the future.


Deputy Regional Lead